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Research Into Audience Attitudes to Placement

EMG commissioned BDRC Continental to undertake the largest research study in the area of Prop & Product Placement. One of the areas focused on Audiences’ attitudes and reaction to seeing real brands on screen. Just two of the findings are summarised in the below link:

Audience Viewing Habits

EMG are experts across all aspects of content. Audience viewing habits have evolved significantly in recent years with personal video recorders now being commonplace, the rapid uptake of subscription video on demand (SVOD) and the introduction of offline mobile viewing. How can this affect the wider media landscape and how does ‘traditional’ television stay so relevant in this modern viewing era?

Placement & Partnerships

Product Placement plays a very important role in Partnerships between brands and feature films. We use the Turkish Airlines’ partnership with Warner Bros to provide some insight into who contributes what and importantly, how Product Placement helps add creative credibility and realism for the audience.

Placement Targeting

In the run up to Cannes 2017, we looked back at 2016’s winner I, Daniel Blake to help demonstrate our Placement Targeting methods. We are passionate about the exposure we achieve across a breadth of content relevant to the brands’ target audience, whilst ensuring that the brands are seen in the right environments with the correct characters. See how we got our client Sure from script to screen!