Entertainment Marketing Group was formed in 2011 by the bringing together of two major placement agencies. The targeted, brand-led approach to placing products on screen combined with a detailed, accountable evaluation method were two of the foundations that allowed EMG to provide a service that fulfilled the growing industry demand for prop and product placement services.

The combined wealth of contacts and resource has allowed EMG to go from strength to strength, achieving high quality, meaningful placement results on screen on both a UK and international level.

EMG’s passion for placement is demonstrated by their continual investment into their placement processes and constant, proactive development of product placement industry practices. Their hand-picked teams are recognised as the best in the industry meaning brands can be confident in both the value and quality delivered on screen.

Entertainment Marketing Group are very proud of their hand-picked team, recognised as the best in the Product Placement industry. Each month we highlight a star member of the team who we think deserves some recognition. Click the star to see who’s featured this month – and why.